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Q: Can I use the CD for more than one computer?

A: Yes! You are encouraged to share the CD with your friends so that they may try Show Barn Manager for themselves. Each computer that you install Show Bar Manager on will have a free 30-day trial, starting from the date of installation; after that time period purchase is necessary to continue running the software with all of your previously entered data.

Q: Why is the program telling me it cannot execute something I am trying to do?

A: Fix it for me: Click on this link. Download the file and Save it to your computer (on your desktop is most convenient.) Close the download window and then right-click on the icon where you saved it and select Run as Administrator. Click Run, and then Unzip, leaving everything else as is. It will tell you the file has unzipped. Close all windows and Start the Show Barn Manager software again. It should be working properly now.

This error message occurs on computers running a 64-bit operating system because the program is installed in an alternate location.

To fix the problem yourself:

  • Click the Start button and then click on Computer; double-click on Local Disk ( C: ) and then double-click on Program Files.
  • Click on New Folder in the bar up top to create a new folder, and then name the new folder CLWEntpr.
  • Now go to Computer | Local Disk ( C: ) and double-click on Program Files (x86), and then double-click on the CLWEntrp folder that is in there.
  • Right-click on the file named ShowBarnManager_be. (Make sure it is the file that ends in “_be”). Select Copy.
  • Now go back to the new CLWEntpr folder in C: Program Files (without x86 at the end), double-click on it to open it; right-click on the blank space inside the folder and select Paste. You should now have a copy of ShowBarnManager_be in this new folder.
  • Close down all your open windows and try running the Show Barn Manager program. It should work fine now that you have put the data file in the place that the program is looking for it!

Q: What if I want to use Show Barn Manager on more than on computer for my barn?

A: Please contact us for information an requirements for use on multiple computers.

Q: What is the best way to get technical help and support?

A: Please email us with any questions you have! We will do whatever we can to help make Show Barn Manager as easy and enjoyable to use as possible.

Q: What if I have suggestions or needs that Show Barn Manager doesn’t cover?

A: Show Barn Manager is a work in progress and improvement are continually being made with new and updated features. We would love t hear any comments or suggestions that would help make Show Barn Manager easier and more useful for everyone! Provide feedback

Q: What if I get a new computer? Will my unlock code still work?

A: An unlock code will only work with one specific computer However, we will grant you a new unlock code for your new computer if you have previously purchased Show Barn Manager software. No more than 1 (one) new unlock code will be granted within a 1 year period. This will allow you to transfer Show Barn Manager over to a new computer at no additional cost to you.

Q: Why do I get an error message that says “This program is not registered?”

A: There are several reasons you may get this error message:

  • The trial period is over and you have not entered a valid unlock code.
    If, after purchasing Show Barn Manager and entering a valid unlock code…
  • You have installed Sh w Barn Manager while signed in as a Windows user that is a non-administrator account, you can only run Show Barn Manager from that particular Windows user account, otherwise you will get a “program not registered ” message.
  • You are using a version of Show Barn Manager that s earlier than version 1.1.4004 (check under HELP on the menu bar, and then select ABOUT SHOW  BARN  MANAGER), there may be certain conditions under which you will get a “program not registered” message. Please update to the most current version of Show Barn Manager and this should resolve any issues. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact support.
  • You ha e edited the registry values for Show Barn Manager either on purpose or accidentally. This will result in the program locking itself down and giving the “program is not registered” message. Please contact us for help.

Q: Are there any known compatibility issues wit installing the Show Barn Manager software?

A: Update 2/15/07…The previous issue has now been resolved with the use of a new installer. You should no experience any further compatibility issues when using Version 1.1.x or later of Show Barn Manager. If you have a full or runtime version of Microsoft Office Access other than 2003 (such as Access 2000 or 2007), installed on your computer you may have compatibility issues when using version 1.0.x. Please contact Support for information and help.

Q: Why is the Quick Overview or Basic Info report blank for a horse? I know there is information in there…

A: The issue is caused by not having a record for all of the 5 Due Date categories (Coggins, Dental, Deworming, Shoeing and Vaccinating) for the horse you are trying to print the report for. Make sure you have a record in each of the 5 categories for that horse, and also make sure that there is a record in each category that is not marked completed. (If you complete a Due Date, then enter a new record of it s having been done and the program will create the next due date for that horse in that category.) If you don’t have any information in a category for a horse, enter a record in that Due Date category with just the Bar Name filled in and leave the rest of the fields blank. Also, check to be sure you have a number in the “Change interval by” box in each Due Date record. If the box is blank it will appear highlighted in red. The number can be “0,” but there must be a value in this box in order for reports to print properly.

Q: I did an update to Show Barn Manager and now the program doesn’t start, what is wrong.

A: There is a fix for this in STEP 4 on the Software Updates page. Click the link for the appropriate operating system, and download the file that will fix this. Follow the directions in STEP 4 where the link is located.

Q: I am suddenly getting a message that says my trial period has expired and Show Barn Manager won’t open without my putting in an unlock code, even though I did this already when I purchased the software. Why?

A:  There may be an issue that causes this situation when you are connecting to the internet via an aircard rather than connecting by the network you normally use. Try disconnecting the aircard, and then run the Show Barn Manager software again. Please let us know if this does not resolve the issue for you.