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To all of our Show Barn Manager Software friends,

First, please accept our apologies for the black hole we fell into a while ago. Due to technical difficulties, our presence in cyberspace vanished. We now have a new website and a working email address! Visit us at or contact us at

Second, we wanted to let you know that we have decided to support Stable Secretary as the next step in barn management record-keeping software. While Show Barn Manager Software remains a fantastic desktop product, Stable Secretary is online and has a mobile app which makes your barn records accessible anytime, anywhere. We have decided to discontinue complete customer support for Show Barn Manager Software (though we will help our users as much as possible), and we want to encourage you to look into Stable Secretary as your next barn management solution! Stable Secretary software can be accessed from a computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android, and offers Free Support and Training with every subscription, as well as help with Data Entry.

Stable Secretary is happy to offer a special sign-up deal to Show Barn Manager customers. Former Show Barn Manager customers will receive the first 3 months of Stable Secretary for FREE, and will also receive a 50% discount on the first year subscription price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – you can cancel anytime within the first 3 months and you won’t pay anything for the service. To receive this special offer, please email, or call 617- 564-1241, and be sure to mention that you are a former Show Barn Manager customer!

Thank you for your support of Show Barn Manager software. We hope that you will join us as we move forward with Stable Secretary. Please visit us at or and check out the future of Barn Management Software!